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today i have a free day, i sleep a lot and i went to a big market near my home, there i get cleave barker jerico for ps 3 and street fighter x tekken for vita, also.... i find those master pieces

Img 20180619 113345124 Hdr by Archfiend-dux

look this master piece, the figure is of solid plastic with a mix of mate paint, the ONLY weak point this figures have is the articulation, some ones are a bit limited, specially the dragon ball figures, but there are ones which made a marvel legends be proud  ( i forgot to take a photo of a thanos which was fantastic and fully articulated  )

Img 20180619 113350191 by Archfiend-dux

i did not take the photo of the miggate no gokui because this looks even cooler, this figure is damn interesting, his gi is made of rubber, the blue parts are painted in shiny paint and his hair is metallic, loooooooooks so damn good, of this goku versions i like the face paint application , is simple has the classic dragon ball figures  

Img 20180602 205644820 by Archfiend-duxi get this were wolf and then find is form FNAF, is daaaaaaaamn good , all the FNAF figures came with removable face and yes the under face is detailed, even there is a bebe ( the kinda girl of red hair animatronic ) which face is divided in four parts , this figures came with a bit limited articulations, just arms, hands, head, jaw and wrist 

a side there is spring trap which is a cooler too, if you open a bit his jaw you can see the purple man face inside , both figures got this light effect which you press and shine in different colors 

and finally 

Img 20180619 150517571 by Archfiend-dux

Img 20180619 150509546 by Archfiend-dux

fantastic pieces, i needed to add to my collection, and before you ask not is not fluorescent plastic, which will be fantastic but so any way it works so good 

i hear a lot of people from different countries love this pieces, because are original molds, i mean LOOK THOSE ONES , here in mexico we were the first to have ALL the FNAF collection ( except ballora i think ) , in the past we got ALMOST all the key monsters from yu gi oh , ALL the characters of dragon ball ( were not so cool has now but back then were damn good too ) even we get mr satan with head change ( young one and old one ) , even there was a time i see DAMN GOOD copies of the batman arkham series, in the present a side those there is also very exclusive lego figures and so on , at some point of my action figure reviews i wanted to get some ones and review them BUT YOU always negative and yadda yadda 
Img 20180517 230707929 Burst001 by Archfiend-dux

i get this game past year, i beat story mode and i sell it to get a ps 4, recently i say OK lets re play it and find it once more, lucky for me the story mode was all ready beaten so i focus on play the dlcs and the extra missions , the dlc missions i dont gonna lie are cool challenges , the tiny extras were damn cool too, so i play it i play it DAMN I PLAY IT, i get all the extra missions till i find you can reach ssj blue, this transformation has just one tiny condition, you most reach level 99, now the fun is in dragon ball xenoverse 1 with a tiny cheat you can reach level 99 in 1 hour and with cheat i mean just beat the boss like 5 times

MEAN WHILE in dragon ball xenoverse 2, they ask you for MILLIONS like 6 or 7 per level and guess how many you get to beat even the zamasu fused ? like 30,000 points , so how reach to level 99 ? well I DID ABSOLUTELY ALL WHAT I CAN, i find the dragon balls, i use a trick which is quite cheap ( i find a namek which for special medals he rise your powers ) ....but i run out of tp medals, and you can use 1 time each wish ( grow stronger, grow even stronger and tp medals )....and i reach level 98, there is one more way which is play expert missions offline but it require you connect to xenoverse 2  server ( but i will not spend in a xbox live to reach a stupid level, the same has in street fighter V where i most play playstation on line to get money for the game XS  ).....I DONE i so done with this game XS 
this is a follow up of this pic

Thanos Playera-01 by Archfiend-dux

i was talking with friends, and well...yeah...the technique is there...but people still give a fuck about what i do XDDDDDDD, in moments like this is what i most give thanks to dont follow my dream of be a comic artist....probably i been living under a bridge in this moment XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD sigh is so stupid and before you ask no im not sad, im not depress, im playing dragon ball xenoverse 2 so  better reach that damn level 99 

favorite luan 

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